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Death By Salt
A SLUG Magazine Compilation
Eighteen Percent Gray Records
5 ears (out of 5)

The pleasure of owning a copy of SLUG’s Death By Salt compilation lies largely in its accompanying artwork. The dense CD booklet, covered in the masterful designs of Trent Call and Russell Daniels, features detailed descriptions and color photos of participating musicians.

Of course, such an admission threatens to debase the talent displayed on this three-disc set. A whopping 59 local bands contributed to the independent magazine’s attempt at capturing the sound of a frequently shifting scene. The eclectic sampler was created over the course of a year, and many of the appearing acts have since disbanded or undergone radical transformations. Defunct groups such as Dead in the Womb, Chinese Stars and Erosion can only be accessed through this collection—a fact that nearly offsets the pleasure of discovering new music. However, pleasure still ultimately prevails.

Each track is of the highest quality—the result of a painstaking selection process. The perfomers clearly put some effort into their contributions, submitting songs that accurately reflect the essence of each band.
Tolchock Trio and The Red Bennies break out their rough, garage-rock ethic while SLAJO filters through with a smoky jazz-club air, circa 1920. Redd Tape impresses by experimenting with its sound as The New Evils (whose members helped establish SLC’s punk scene) track proves the band has what it takes to maintain position in a largely youthful market. Other standouts include Stiletto, Form of Rocket, Coyote Hoods, Sherlock, Purr Bats and Stacey Board.

Sure, certain groups have changed line-ups—Fifi Murmur has lost drummer, Dan Thomas, and gained J.W. Blackout’s Jamison Wilkons. Form of Rocket’s Curtis Jensen has been replaced by Eric Bliss, Sean McCarthy has left Redd Tape only to have Sean Jones fill his shoes…but these transformations only prove how crucial it is to keep a finger on the pulse of a burgeoning scene.

Death By Salt has immortalized local talent—now it’s up to you to support homegrown heroes in their natural environment. Check local club listings today!

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