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  April 22
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RED Reviews
by Autumn Thatcher

Guilt Show
The Get Up Kids
Vargrant Records

While The Get Up Kids has earned a decent reputation within the pop-punk/emo world, the band has done nothing musically to solidify this reputation. The band’s 2004 release, Guilt Show, is rather sad to listen to. Simple lyrics combined with unimpressive instrumentations make for a disappointing listening session.

Perhaps the most successful element of the album is the fact that it does reveal the changes that the band made during production. However, the change is mostly for the worst. The tunes release a bit too much sugar, making for a cheery, bubble-gum effect that is not usually desired when listening to punk.

However, no matter how dull, Guilt Show is not altogether painful. The songs are catchy and some of them deserve a second chance. The disc as a whole is good for casual listening, but the 13 songs on the record are not good enough to maintain listener interest all the way through.


Get Born
Elektra/Warner Records

Coming straight out of Melbourne, Australia, the four members of Jet have invaded the United States with a killer record that is capable of appealing to both old and young generations. Get Born immediately captures listeners and transports them back to the ’60s and ’70s.

The album features 13 songs that satisfy every possible musical craving one can have. Faster songs such as “Last Chance” and “Cold Hard Bitch” are fun to move along with and are enough to cause the dreaded bobbing of the head, while slower ballads such as “Look What You’ve Done” and “Move On” not only reveal the beauty of lead vocalist/guitarist Nic Cester’s voice, but also cause the listener to pause and allow a moment of silence to give the band the respect that it deserves.

Through the release of Get Born, Jet proves its talent is nothing short of amazing. What’s more shocking is that the young foursome perfectly captures the essence of the kind of raw rock and roll that was born more than 30 years ago with bands such as The Rolling Stones and The Beatles. Though Jet’s music carries elements of the past in its sound, the band is modern enough to produce music that will be embraced by younger music fans who are longing to experience the same ecstasy of rock and roll that their parents experienced.

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