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Brey and O’Riley:
The Duo that Does it All
by Christian Gentry


ne of the most exciting and creative duos performing classical music today will perform at Libby Gardner Hall as a part of its recital series this year.On Friday, Jan. 23, the Virtuoso Series welcomes the collaborative efforts of piano-cello duo Christopher O’Riley and Carter Brey—two musicians rich in talent and the source of much audience expectation.

Cellist Brey made his entrance onto the classical music scene in 1982.But it was his stellar performance in 1981 where he took a prize at the Rostropovich International Cello Competition that caught the world’s attention, including that of Rostropovich himself. Since his Kennedy Center debut in 1982, Brey has garnered several prizes including the Gregor Piatigorsky Memorial Prize, an Avery Fisher Career Grant, the Michaels Award of Young Concert Artists and the Performing Arts Prize of the Arts Council of America.He has performed with top national symphony orchestras including the Baltimore and Atlanta symphonies. In addition to collaborating with O’Riley in the studio and in the recital hall, he recently finished a recording of the complete cello-piano works of Chopin with Garrick Ohlssen at the piano. His ability to play as a soloist and a recitalist haven’t prevented him from fitting into the larger symphony orchestra.

Since 1996, Brey has been the principal cellist of the New York Philharmonic where, in recent seasons, he has played Strauss’s Don Quixote, Tchaikovsky’s Rococo Variations and Elgar’s hauntingly beautiful Cello Concerto.

Those who listen to Public Radio International on a Sunday afternoon may have heard the name Christopher O’Riley pop up here and there. O’Riley is the host for the acclaimed Boston-based radio program “From the Top.” This show features performances by the country’s best young artists. Outside his hosting of the popular radio show, O’Riley has the stacked résumé as one of the top pianists of his generation in the world. His repertoire ranges from Renaissance to Modern, the latter of which includes new works of today as well as his own transcriptions and arrangements. In the midst of so much diverse performance and studio experience, O’Riley has achieved top prizes at some of the world’s leading piano competitions including the Van Cliburn, Busoni, Leeds and Montreal competitions. He has performed with the country’s leading orchestras including those in Boston, New York, San Francisco and Pittsburgh, to name a few.

O’Riley’s unique and vibrant interpretation of the classical standards has made him one of the most in-demand pianists performing today. He remains a strong advocate of new music, hence it is no surprise that he has premiered the works of Michael Torke, Michael Daugherty and Richard Danielpour. His advocacy of new music doesn’t stop with classical art music. 2002’s True Love Waits contains his transcriptions of songs written by Radiohead.The translation of rock music into the beautiful and romantic sound of O’Riley’s playing adds another dimension to this already multi-dimensional musician.

The collaboration of these two vibrant and diverse musicians should provide the audience with a fresh look at classical music. Their backgrounds and experience bring to the stage a vital necessity in the musty recital halls—energy and excitement for the art of playing classical music. While there won’t be any Radiohead or grandiose concertos, there will still be the exciting works of Shostakovich, Stravinsky and Rachmaninoff.Although these composers are all Russian, their musical language is completely different, providing a dichotomy that can only be reconciled through the creative energies of Brey and O’Riley.

Get your tickets at any ARTTIX location.Virtuoso Series tickets go fast.Be sure to ask about the student discount. Call 355-ARTS for more information.



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