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Collective Soul teaches the value of rejuvenation

by Autumn Thatcher

After taking a four year break, the guys of Collective Soul are back, and in their minds, better than ever.

“We were going full force back in ’93 when we started touring and by 2001 we had spent so much time in the studio and on the road, that we began to lose perspective on what we were doing and why were doing it,” says Rhythm Guitarist, Dean Roland. “Taking the break allowed us to rediscover our passion for music.”

Having redefined their purpose within the music industry, Collective Soul has fed rabid fans with an energetic new album that, according to Roland, “captures the essence of our youthful nature.”

The band’s latest album, Youth, was released in May, and has received positive acclaim from both fans and music critics alike. Collective Soul made two significant changes in particular in order to successfully record Youth. Having parted ways with their former guitarist, the band made the decision to add new guitarist, Joel Kosche, to the group. “Bringing Joel to the band was one of the most positive moves that the band has ever made,” says Roland. In addition to adding Kosche, Collective Soul also parted ways with the major label they were under and started their own private label. “We negotiated a couple of records with our old label and then let go,” says Roland. “Now we have no obligations and no contracts. Starting our own label provided us with the opportunity to do something a little different that is out of the norm. Not to mention that the financial structure is more beneficial.”

Having broken free from the contractual restraints that come with signing onto a major label, Collective Soul was ready to do what they do best: Make an album and head out on the road again. Roland again: “We are having more fun than we have ever had. We're actually enjoying where we are instead of worrying.” The band’s newfound freedom has allowed them to reconnect with their fans.

“Our fans are pretty hardcore; they never cross the line,” says Roland. “We put all of our energy into the band and creating the Youth cd, and to have fans singing along to the new songs, that is such a great feeling.”

After listening to Roland rave about playing shows in Utah, it became apparent that the dedicated touring artists are just as excited, if not more so, than their fans, to be playing in Utah.

The band’s current tour will go through the end of the summer at which point the hardworking guys will take a little time off in order to prepare for their next tour which will enable the band to promote their live DVD. “We’re just going to play it by ear, but it would be great if we could get a new record out by next year,” says Roland. Regardless of when the band puts out another album, fans can rest assured that this time, Collective Soul is here to stay.

Collective Soul will be gracing their Utah fans with an appearance at In the Venue on Friday, July 29th.


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