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Park City Hosts Big Finish for Big Head Todd and the Monsters Tour

by Autumn Thatcher 

Big Head Todd and the Monsters has been quite a busy band the past two years. Having been together since forming in high school in 1986, the threesome has progressively worked to enhance its musical talent while simultaneously maintaining its devoted fan base. Crimes of Passion and Live at the Fillmore are the two newest additions to the band's growing list of albums. For the past seven weeks, BHTM has been touring hard to celebrate and promote these albums.

The band will celebrate the end of its tour in Park City, on Saturday, March 26. After weeks of gracing hungry fans with their blend of soul and blues, rock and roll, and even country, the band members will rock their hardest on Saturday with fans in Utah.

 The RED Interview

According to bassist Bob Squires, BHTM has had to face a variety of challenges over the years. A well-known jam band, BHTM has done what jam bands do best: tour. "In the early days we traveled pretty extensively for the first 10 years that we were playing. Being away from home for so long can put a strain on you," says Squires. Once the band became accustomed to touring, they were faced with a new challenge, that of working with major labels.

"Something that can be strenuous is just getting down to the politics of when you are under a major label and as personnel changes at a label, that causes a bit of stress as well," says Squires. Though the band experienced instant success with its first major label release, Sister Sweetly , they soon discovered that working with a major label proved to be more trouble than they had expected. Following their 1997 release of Beautiful World , the label that BHTM had been working with went out of business, which led the band to working on their own.

The band made the decision to work with a label again during the production of "Crimes of Passion", signing on with Sanctuary Records.

Throughout the course of their nineteen years as a band, the members have had a lot of time to experiment with their music in order to grow. "As you get more experienced with anything, hopefully there is growth there and you get better at it," says Squires. "Our band is playing very well right now and I think that Todd's writing continues to get stronger. We're real happy with where we are at and how we are doing".

It is lead vocalist/guitarist Todd Mohr's lyrical composition that has perhaps solidified and maintained the band's reputation. Though Mohr is the lyrical genius behind the songs, both Squires and drummer Brian Nevin often collaborate with Mohr by throwing in some ideas of their own. According to Squires, the band has used a live audience on many occasions in order to experiment with music. "In the past we have gone out and played material before a live crowd to get a response and see how they react to it," Squires says.  

After nearly two decades together, BHTM has stayed together without members drifting in and out. The band's ability to work and play well together has resulted in a strong friendship that comes before anything else. "We're business partners but I think that our friendship has been able to survive our business. That is the main reason that we have been able to stay together, because we like each other," Squires reveals.

Through their constant touring, the Colorado-based band has found that it is the fans who keep them running strong. "Our fan base has just been amazing. When we are out on tour, it's a trip because they are constantly turning new people on to us. There are also the diehards who have seen 40 or 50 shows of ours. It's pretty diverse and extremely loyal, which is just fantastic" says Squires.

Following their current tour which ends after the show on March 26, the members of Big Head Todd and the Monsters will head back to Colorado to dedicate the next couple of months to working on their next album.

Faithful Utah fans can look forward to celebrating the last night of BHTM's current tour on Saturday at Club Suede in Park City. According to Squires, the last show of their tours is usually a "celebration for us and a treat to the fans" because the band has been practicing and leading up to that show the entire tour. Utah couldn't ask for a better treat.

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