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  Menomena's album, I am the Fun Blame Monster. Perhaps you've heard of it? You can buy it here.
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(The First Menomena Show in SLC!)

by Brent Sallay  
Visit the hotly official Menomena internet place.

There are about a million reasons to like the members of Menomena besides their music. For instance, if they had run for president in the last election, I would have voted for them. If I were in the position of hiring a new CEO for my multilevel marketing corporation and Menomena was one of my choices, I would have my man. If I were looking to join a cult, and we were all forced to pray to that neon-overloaded "fun blame monster" thing on the front page of the band's Web site, I would be one of the first people on board. Hell, if Menomena told me to watch "Titanic" again, all the way through without stopping, I would do it. You get the idea.

What am I talking about, you ask? Well, at the risk of repeating every other article ever written about the Portland, Oreg. band, here's a laundry list for the uninitiated:

1. Menomena is awesome.

2. They are a total DIY band.

3. If you don't know what that means, well, it is the opposite of selling out.

4. Brent Knopf (nifty first name, eh?) created a software program called Deeler specifically meant to aid in the recording of music with his band.

5. His band is called Menomena.

6. Their debut album is called I Am the Fun Blame Monster.

7. It is awesome.

8. I Am the Fun Blame Monster is an anagram for "The First Menomena Album."

9. This is a fact that is revealed in the album's artwork, which is a half-inch thick flip book that shows how the letters rearrange beside four moving pictures of the band's members.

10. Anagrams are rarely done well (see the title of this article).

11. But Menomena does them well.

12. Menomena's Web site ( is a total trip.

13. But it will give you epilepsy.

14. Some people with epilepsy still lead very fulfilling lives.

15. I bought Menomena's CD about a year and a half ago from this link:

16. Check the user reviews on that CD Baby page. (I count over 60 five star reviews!)

17. Shortly after I ordered this album, I received an automated e-mail from the Web site confirming that my order had been shipped, and that there was great fanfare involved in the shipping of it, and that everyone working at CD Baby loved me very much for giving them my business.

18. Shortly after this I received yet another e-mail from one Justin Harris, member of Menomena--a bulk e-mail thanking several of us who had purchased the album for doing so and supporting the band.

19. I wrote him back, telling him how much I had loved the album, and that it had placed on RED's highly coveted Best Albums list of 2003.

20. He wrote me back, very humbly and unrockstarlike, thanking me for my kind words, and for giving their album a little more exposure. His exact words: "The more veins we can spread our poison to the better. And I hope you know that when I say poison, I do indeed mean the same type of poison that Bel Biv Devoe was talking about."

21. I told him to please remember Salt Lake City (and Kilby Court) when etching out a tour schedule in the near future, and that upon so doing, I would be as gushing as possible in my preview for the show.

22. He said he would.

23. Now, a year and a half later, true to his promise, the last stop of Menomena's tour just happens to be this Wednesday, March 23, at Kilby Court.

24. (cough, cough)

25. Ahem, where was I?

26. Sorry.

27. That is not quite a million reasons.

28. But I venture it is a lot more than you could think of for your average Joe Billy band.

29. And I haven't even said anything about the music yet.

30. Oh man.

31. The music.

32. The music.

33. The music.




999,998. The music.

999,999. The music.

1,000,000. That's more like it.

Menomena will be performing at Kilby Court, located at 741 S. 330 West with The Shoes and Vile Blue Shades on Wed, Mar. 23 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are $6. For more information, call (801) 320-9887.

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